Tent Ozark Trail

6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter

6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter

6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter
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This 100 sq ft tent comfortably fits 2 queen air beds or up to 6 sleeping bags, so you can have your family or group of friends under one roof. The Ozark Trail 6-Person ConnecTent easily sets up in about 10 minutes by clipping into your 10 ft.

Center height means even tall members of your crew can stand up in your tent. Four windows and a mesh roof provide plenty of ventilation.

The Ozark Trail 6-person ConnecTent comes with a sewn-in floor to help keep bugs out. Straight-leg canopy up for a backyard barbecue or while camping, and then convert it into your sleeping area with the Ozark Trail 6-Person ConnecTent to enjoy an evening in the outdoors. Ozark Trail 6-Person 10 ft. Fits 2 queen size air beds or 6 people in sleeping bags.

Hanging tent with clip set-up on 10 ft. Universal canopy accessory fits 10 ft. Versatile system can be used at camp, at home, or while tailgating. One Easy access D-style door has a window that zips for privacy or rolls down for increased ventilation. One E-Port for convenient electrical cord access.

Center height provides cathedral ceilings for walk around room. Four windows and mesh ceiling provide cross-ventilation while keeping the bugs out. The windows of the tent zip up to provide extra privacy and protection from rain. Contains hanging organizers and pockets for convenient storage of small, lightweight items.

Folds compactly for easy transport and storage. Packed inside a convenient-to-carry duffle. Body Fabric: Poly Taffeta 185T 600mm.

Carry Bag Fabric: Poly Oxford 210D. Number of Steel Stakes: 5. Tent Set-Up System: Inside 10 ft. Straight-Leg Canopy Frame Not included. Average Set-Up Time for 2 people: 10 minutes once canopy is set up.

Convert your straight-leg canopy into a tent that sleeps up to 6. Spacious interior with cathedral ceiling. Features: Sleeps up to 6 people.

Assembled Product Weight: 11.3 lbs. Assembled Product Dimensions L x W x. It's huge and can fit 2 queen air mattresses. Very easy to set up too. This is a great addition to a canopy. Fits 3 adults and 2 children comfortably.

I was able to fit full size air mattress and 2 twin size air mattresses. Best to use a tarp under it. MUST have Ozark 10x10 canopy for flush connection.

This tent is amazing as long as you are using an ozark 10x10 straight leg canopy. I have a coleman 10x10 straight leg, and while this tent does technically connect to it, we had to use zip ties and there are strained areas and the floor doesnt quite reach the bottom of the canopy to connect fully.

I will be purchasing an ozark canopy to ise with this now. Make sure you have the correct style canopy!

It is a great idea and has a lot of room. But it does not explain that you need a special canopy for it. Besides a straight leg canopy, it needs to be a dome type canopy meaning that the bars must not go across, they must go up into the canopy for it to work properly. Should be in the description.

If the tent is not pulled all the way up rain gets in there VERY easily and you find yourself sleeping in a puddle. And the rain we had was light rain, I cant imagine if it was a full on storm! Does not fit ozark trails 10x20 canopy though ; otherwise a quality product..

Easy to install and quick. Everything was perfect for us. Quick setup in about 10 minutes, and the same on take down.

Great price for such an efficient item. Was ok until the first rainfall! Do not stay in this Tent if it is raining!!!

The tent accumulates lots of water on roof's collapsing the tent into a large heap in my backyard!! The poles all bent from the weight of the water. No other tent compares to Connectent products. These (I own 3 now) tents are the roomiest, easiest to set up. I have the 10 x 20 canopy, which is a lot taller than the 10 x 10 canopy but I use tie straps to accommodate for extra needed reach.

I sewed a zippered door into one of the windows and attach to the second tent, now it's really huge! Two large rooms under one canopy. One canopy tent I did the same thing, sewed a zippered door at the window and attach (with little clamps) to the 4 person connectent used with the 10 x 10 canopy. Simple project that allows for using an a/c as well.

Ozark Trail, you'd do well installing a second door and a small zippered or zelcro opening to accommodate a/c and/or way to reach a cooler, extra air flow (like in your some of your other tents). Also, adding a roof cover attached maybe by velcro to block air escaping out the top or extra protection during heavy rains that blow in through the canopy vents. I'd pay twice as much for all those conveniences. For now, I sew extra top covers for when we do use a/c or heat plus the need for added moisture protection.

I do waterproof and use tarps for added protection as we get strong storms almost daily in the Spring and Summer. Also, 18 spiral steel stakes, two in each corner makes this a very strong tent between the metal frame and secure guylines. Excellent addition to your pop up canopy. This is better than screen walls or shade walls.

Did not try it in the rain yet. Put it up in a 10 mph breeze. It was a 1 person install! Did not fit our canopy from Academy not sure how it fits with the ozark trail canopy I do not recommend. Tough tent combined with the canopy.

Has been in constant use and weathered serious winds. I loved it it was soook big. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Just take your time, seams COULD rip easily. Absolutly love this tent and is very roomy. We camp a lot and wanted a place to store camping gear out of our primary tent. We have three pop up canopies, and we dedicated to this tent. It also allows for a changing room and rain escape, without having to track into our primary tent.

This was by far the easiest tent to put together that I have experienced. My husband and I can put it up in less than 10 minutes. Got to camping site and had no poles to set up tent. The canopy holds the tent up! I know this is not explained well but it does not take an Einstein to figure it out!

If you only but the tent then its worthless cause there is no poles to hold it up, that's what the canopy of for. Doesn't come with poles. Please read the fine print!! Not sure how it looks yet because I'm still waiting on my canopy to come in.

I ordered them together but they came separately. I'm sure that's a shipper problem but it delays the set up of the tent because it DOESN'T COME WITH POLES. Easy to carry, I haven't open it yet. When purchasing this tent I did not realize there was no poles or canopy - my bad. It should definitely be made a little bit longer.

But all in all I love this little canopy tent connector. Fits well on a strait leg canopy. This is a nice tent add on for a straight leg canopy. I tried it with a different brand canopy but it didn't line up right. Then used it with ozark trail canopy worked great. I would recommend to my friends and family. Bought this tent to use on a recent camp with our scout troop. Easy to set up and take down. Just make sure your canopy is a straight leg one and not slanted and you'll be great!! I haven't used it yet , but excited for summer to try it out for camping. Only fits 2 Single air mattresses. This is my second connecTent. I use one in the back yard (it's a great place for the teens to gather or sometimes it's my she shed) Great for Northern California winters.

I also use it on camping trips, the high ceiling makes it feel less cave like. It can sleep 6 but I never put more than 3 twin size air mattresses in it. I like to keep it spacious. Use a tarp over canopy to protect from rain!! This tent is fantastic if you are expecting good weather.

If it rains, pop up canopies are not waterproof! Water will come in through the seams of your pop up canopy. Trust me when i say this.... If it rains you MUST COVER THE ROOF OF YOUR POP UP CANOPY WITH A SECONDARY TARP!!!

I have had this setup in the rain and that is the only way you will stay dry. Having said that, this tent is great.

Lots of spacious room to stand up and move around. While working for a campground over this summer i lived in this tent from may to december through storms and snow and this tent held up for all of it.

Water that liquified the mud to the point it felt like a water bed walking around, wind that shook the metal frame and made me think for sure the nylon would give. This tent finally is showing its age with its first tear at a seam today. More than happy with how it held up and i blame the sun damage coupled with high winds in the end.

Have had 10 people hanging out inside and plenty of room for whatever you need. The straight walls makw this tent SO roomy. I love my Nylon Palace. In my younger days, a pup tent over me and a thin pad over me was all I needed. Now that I'm over 50, I need a bit more to keep my back working while camping. Has room for a cot and a chair, even a table if I have some paper work to do for my campers. Easy setup, low cost, Standing height from edge to edge. This tent was pretty huge and simple to put together.

Make sure you read all criteria before purchasing. Every time we go camping people stop by wanting to check it out. This was an upgrade from a 9x10 tent and while it is only a foot wider you gain so much space with the straight walls. It is really easy to set up, just open up your canopy attach the clips and hooks, extend the legs and done! It does better if you stake it down as the stakes go in the middle of the sides instead of the corners to help keep the walls out.

If you want to use a hanging tent light you need some chain or rope as the ring is too high up to reach just standing. Ours is attached to a lighted canopy with remote which works great.

The tent itself held up well in the rain, the only issue we had was a little dripping from the canopy (the top of the tent is screen, so it depends on your canopy). None of the seams have the seam tape to repel rain water, otherwise I would be keeping this tent. One more thing, This pic of the tent with the canopy show a grey canopy. I received a white canopy.

White loves to show the dirt! I believe not every 10x10 gazebo will work with this tent. One of the problem when I took out camping was the door zipper almost every time when opened or closed it will get stuck with the outside trim, and also wish it has a few more inside pockets.

No rain or wind when camping so don't know if it will hold up. Other than that no complain.

Best tent ever I already own 3 -10x10 canopies so I tried this and now it's all I use for camping. This is an amazing tent addition.

Doesnt need many tools other than the stake hooks. Re purchasing this just know it only comes with the part that actully forms the canopy 4 wall room.

Easily attaches to the canopy. I was able to fit two queen inflatable mattresses with enough room for our gear. Fabric is on the thinner side. All hooks are plastic not metal. So easy to put up. My pop up is a little larger than what this tent was made for, but it still works. It is nice to be able to stand up and not be hunched over. My only question was,'Where was this tent when my kids were little and did Girl Scouts! My only question was, Where was this tent when my kids were little and did Girl Scouts!

If they was an option to have no stars I would. I went camping on Friday and to find out all the poles were missingAfter driving over 3 hours smh.

They should be more specific that the canopy in not included. I promise my great niece and grandchildren that we were going camping. It works so well in back yard camping.

And me and my husband can lounge after midnight. This worked out perfect for my closed in kitchen area for camping.

To keep the crazy raccoons out of our food. Very easy to put up, I would have given it a 5 stars except that we have an E-ZUP and it does not have the proper attachment for the ceiling and it's a bit short for the height but I think we can make it work. Much better than a tent! The Straight leg canopy I bought leaked in a calm straight down rain. I had to put a tarp over the center top.

I think the canopy is made for shade only. Straight leg canopy not included which wasn't a huge deal.

Worse weekend of camping ever! This is NOT a full TENT like the picture shows!! I think the pictures are misleading and makes it appear you are ordering a tent with the canopy but NO its NOT.. It was very easy to attach to my canopy. Only took about ten minutes to install.

And the center might is great. My husband who is 6ft tall loves the headroom. We left it on our canopy and just folded it in carefully.

I highly recommend this product. When I opened the package, the outer frames were missing.

I could not use the tent. The tent was very roomy and rasy to set up , only fault is two , the tent barely touches the ground and with that new vent system on the canopy , when it is a hard blowing rain it does come in the vent hole , not much but it does leak.

Set this up on a recent drive up camping trip and it was amazing. It was like a little house. More room than the white house. Plenty of standing room using my Coleman 10x10 as the frame... Had to jump to touch the center ceiling.

Quality seemed OK as compared to other tents I have owned in this price range. I would have liked to see outside entry mat to take off shoes on. I would not like to be in this in foul weather. Heavy rains or high wind.

I would imagine things would get hairy fast. The tent is easy to set up, but it needs a solid roof instead of a mesh lining. I read reviews, bought a new canopy, and sprayed the entire thing down to make it water resistant. The air vents at the top of the canopy allow water to enter the tent. During our second night of camping, a summer storm popped up, we were getting soaked, and we had to spend the rest of the night in the car.

I love the idea of how it works with the canopy, but the roof of the tent needs to be made out of thr same material as the rest of tent because no water came in anywhere else. Have had this type of tent before and love the fact that you can stand up in the entire tent. We have 3 cots that we can put into the tent and there is still lots of room. This one is a cheaper version that our previous one and the only thing Is the plastic hooks for the floor and top corners. Best Tent and easy to set up. Has 4 clips to attach in the middle. We then raised the canopy to the first level and clipped all the sides on. Then tie off all the strings to the legs and stake off the bottom. Myself and two young adults spent 4 days at Bonnaroo 2019 using this ConnecTent insert. At Bonnaroo, car campers get a 20x20 space to park and set up camp for the 4-day music festival. We used a 20x10 ground tarp as a base and set up two 10x10 pop up canopys (side by side), one using a ConnecTent insert and the opposite end using a shade wall with pockets. Set up with three of us was under 15-20 minutes from laying the ground tarp to unzipping the tent door and putting our belongings in. None of us had ever used the pop ups and we fumbled a bit having to relower the canopy to insert the tent. It could have been faster had we been more knowledgable about affixing the tent insert while the pop up was still lowered. Fortunately it didn't rain and wind was minimal, so I cannot verify how wet/dry or stable we would have stayed given that set up, but the tent functioned as expected and accommodated the three of us and all of our personal belongings comfortably. I'm not sure how this would fit 6 if people had their belongings inside.

All zippers/fasteners/plastic pieces/velcro pieces worked properly; none broke in the process. Seems to be a simple/quick set up for those not looking to struggle with tent poles/separate pieces and all that fun stuff. Taking down the campsite was simple and efficient also with everything packing up well in the bags provided.

I appreciated the convenience and ease of it all. Tent itself is fine, but description did not state it must be accompanied by a canopy to be used. Picture and description indication canopy included. Great tent but not so good in cool weather under 50 degrees, vented screen top won't allow it to hold in heat...

But love the space and head room even with a queen size 22 high mattress. But love the space and head room even with a queen size 22' high mattress. No to indicate on larger bold print that this canopy tent does not come with a canopy or poles. Other than that, quality is good just like a tent.

The tent ceiling is screen, and the Tent Canopy that covers it sides are too short so when it rains any wind blows water up under the canopy and into the tent, it would have been better if the tent had a real ceiling at least half way up. Easy to attach to the canopy frame, but you can only set the frame on the lowest setting, haven't used it in a camping setting yet but I think it will work great. So far I've only used this tent twice but it's been great!

It's a 10x10 house! When me and my boyfriend put it up in ten minutes we just laid in it with all the windows down and relaxed. I didn't want take it down but we were testing it before going camping.

We've use these tents last year when camping and they were the best even with high winds with the canopy and sandbags no problem we bought 2 more for this camping season for friends to join us would really recommend it. Don't forget you need a straight canopy 10 by 10 for this tent. I took this out to a music festival and after one 30 minute wind and rain flurry the seams had torn in multiple places and i woke up in a windstorm with 4 inches of water inside my tent. DO NOT fall for this. Having a tent dependant on an EZ up frame simply does not work.

The tension is too tight and the craftsmanship of the tent itself is so poor that it cannot handle any type of weathering. This is a great tent! Easy set up anc tons of room. Nice to walk in standing up.

Make sure you have a STRAIGHT LEG CANOPY for this. THIS IS ONLY THE TENT NOT THE CANOPY! Meaning if you don't have the proper canopy you will have only sides and no roof or poles. It's in the item description.

I can't believe do many people missed that and blamed the tent lol. One guy did it twice! Very easy to set up, sturdy, just what I was expecting. Been waiting along time to find a tent like this. Can't wait to set it up and go camping with the family.

We expected the 10x10 canopy to come with it as well. All of my tent expectations where met and exceeded. Bought the ConnecTent a couple of weeks ago for an Traditional Archery Rendezvous in Glen Arm, MD.

The tent's connection and set up was easy-peasy, lemon-squeezey. I like all the room it provides, the orientation and design of the door and windows, and the overall tent-canopy design.

Other campers attending the event even came up to me to ask questions about it. We got rain at this archery event, which tested the fabrication quality of the tent and the canopy. I was dry the whole time.

Perfect ConnectTent for Straight Leg 10x10 Canopy. It fits perfectly on any 10x10 straight legged canopy and makes it into a tent! The tent is nice and roomy and tall!

Not like other tents that you have to crouch down to walk into them. This is a perfect tent for the perfect price! So so glad we bought this and so so glad this was invented!! It finally stopped raining'round here for a day so I could do a test run.

Only issue I have is that in the pictures they show metal hooks for the top corners and where it supposed to connect the bottom of the leg. It came with plastic hooks how long are they going to last. Which don't fit into the holes at the bottom of the legs. Luckily I had some tent pegs that have the plastic caps with a place to hook them into. I still would have much prefered metal hooks though.

Got this tent today to use this coming Memorial Day weekend and my lake side lot. The tent is exactly as described. I set it up a soon as it came. How the heck does it go back in the bag? So much room , stays cool.

MISLEADING PICTURES - READ EVERYTHING THREE. Well, it shows a canopy in the default pictures but does not come with one.

Well how about a canopy for a recommendation instead? We luckily brought our backup tent tho. Lightweight and very easy to assemble.

Was wondering about this concept, and when assembled it is great. Anyone who bought this thinking it came with the canopy clearly didnt read.. Nice tent with lots of inside space.

Easy set up and plenty of room inside. Will need to drill new holes in the canopy legs.

The price is great yes, but you get what you pay for; first the hooks to attatch the tent to canopy shown in picture are shown as metal and I received bulky plastic hooks which did not fit in the holes on the canopy making it impossible to attatch as instructed, second anchoring loops to stake down the tent to dont reach flat to the ground even when then canopy is on lowest height and yes the clips are attatched to correct frame cross bars of canopy, third the windows on the inside do not have the loop and T piece like most tent to roll and hokd when holding open so you must roll it up and tuck it in the over lap area in hopes it holds in place. Ultimately I ended up purchasing the EZ UP 6.4 cube tent which was my first choice to begin with (has lots of looos for hanging, accessories, reviews and features).

I'm very tall and this fit for my needs. I use hooks around the outside of the 10 x 10 frame to dry towels and bedding and things.

Technically, the tent itself was too short for my 10x10 frame so the floor edge was lifted off the ground and the floor space reduced to 8.5x8.5. This was a happy accident as it was POURING on and off so I had no ground seam leaks.

Cant wait to go camping. I got this tent (along with the canopy) to set up as a kitchen/changing room while camping.

I received it last Tues. April 23 2019 and set it up that same day. It was sunny but windy when I set it up. This is a great tent. Very easy to set up and attach to your canopy.

Has 3 windows and 1 door, all of which can be opened for a breeze. Windows do not zip at top edge but the fabric does overlap so no rain can come in. Ceiling is totally open/screened for ventilation. Side note: Our canopy has 2 flaps at the top for ventilation so when it rained we had to duct tape it shut as the water was dripping in to our tent through the screened ceiling. Not a big deal though, it was great to still have air coming through with the windows all closed.

There's an opening for power cord accessibility, a loop at top of ceiling to hang something, and 2 small mesh pockets inside. Folds up easily to fit back in zippered bag it comes in. Overall best idea anyone ever had for a tent. I absolutely love it and wouldn't choose any other way to camp.

Recently used it for the first time set it up correctly how does anchored correctly had a little bit of wind in the bottom of it ripped out very cheaply made. This is the best tent I have ever had.

Being 6'4 I love that I can stand up fully and not have to bend my neck. 100 square feet of room. Being 6'4' I love that I can stand up fully and not have to bend my neck.

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  • Size: L
  • Model: W604.1
  • Modified Item: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Season: Multiple Season
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • UPC: 0897454001666
  • EAN: Does not apply
  • Type: Outdoor Tent
  • Features: Heavy Duty
  • Brand: Ozark Trail
  • Style: Cabin
  • Sleeping Areas: 1
  • Color: Gray
  • Capacity: 6 Person
  • MPN: W6041

6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Dome Portable Camp Shelter